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Turkmen jewellery at the Met

I’ve been researching the Turkmen people lately, for a novel I’m writing, and the other night my Google-searching led me to a short essay on the New York Met’s website about Turkmen jewellery.

There’s a lot of really interesting information there; it’s well worth a read.  The bit I found most interesting was this:

From a very early age, a woman started wearing jewelry whose shapes and materials were believed to ensure her ability to bear healthy children later in life. The amount of embellishments a girl wore increased as she approached marriageable age. Once she had had her first children, and her fertility had been established, the amount of jewelry she received and wore decreased. In addition, silver jewelry believed to ward off evil and illness was worn by men, women, and especially by children.

I also love the pictures.  Next time I visit New York, I will definitely take a look for these.  Head out of your hotels and conference rooms in New York - beautiful pieces of jewellery await your eyes.

Relics at the British Museum

Speaking of museums, my very own British Museum is in the midst of its current exhibition about medieval European relics.

I’m going to visit it this weekend - so excited!

There was a very interesting post on the BM Blog about the St Baudime reliquary arriving at the museum.

Relics!  I find them so hilarious.  Like the church that once realised it had 3 heads of the same saint; or the other church, which claimed to have the head of St John the Baptist, aged 8. 


Head out from your city centre or Hyde Park hotel; London's best museum has a truly excellent-looking exhibition on.

Alexander and Macedon at Le Louvre

Starting today, Le Louvre in Paris is hosting an exhibition called In The Kingdom Of Alexander The Great: Ancient Macedonia. It runs until 16 January 2012. I went to Oxford for an Alexander/Macedon exhibition, but I’m not so sure I’ll go to Paris for one; but if you’re in Paris in the next few months and you’re interested in Alexander and Macedon, I’m sure it will be phenomenal.  A short distance from any Paris boutique hotel or hostel or friend’s apartment (my preferred accommodation), Le Louvre is easily accessed and always worth a visit.